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THE AEON CHRONICLES (fourth and final)


Aven Crey is trapped in hell, doomed to repeat his past mistakes. With Nehia, his demon, taunting him at every turn, he can’t escape his damnation. Not unless Claire comes to save him. But Claire is facing her own torment in an underground bunker. Unwilling to forgive Will for leaving Aven to die, she plans her escape from the nano-numbed super-soldier. As the red planet of destruction unleashes chaos, Aalok readies his army to raise hell on earth. Will Claire stand against the fallen angel or, will her faith in Aramis fail once again?

It all ends now in this last installment of The Aeon Chronicles. Find out who will be crowned victor and who will be blotted out of existence forever.

THE AEON CHRONICLES (fourth and final)

  • No Returns

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